Monthly Madness Prize Draw – Atomic Venom Arc Mask & SV2 Snorkel

Our year of Monthly Madness Prizes is coming to the end with our final prize draw this June!
Hot out of the design hub at Atomic Aquatics are two awesome products the Atomic Venom ARC mask & the SV2 Snorkel valued at over $500.


Firstly the Atomic Venom ARC mask is a blend of the Atomics SubFrame and Frameless Masks. It has a reinforcing internal frame that’s molded directly beneath the surface of the silicone rubber skirt, creating a low profile mask. A single lens with a high bridge and tear-drop shape. Its easy-to-use squeeze-to-adjust buckles are soft-mounted to the mask skirt, which allows flexibility in strap positioning, plus they can be folded flat for packing.

How the Venom differs from its SubFrame and Frameless cousins, is how the bright sparks over at Atomic have constructed the lens. The Frameless and SubFrame mask use Ultraclear glass, which in itself has almost unrivalled clarity and a reputation for optical quality. On the Venom Mask Atomic import an even higher-quality glass imported from Germany, this Schott Superwite glass allows even more light to pass through the lens unobstructed compared to the Ultraclear glass.


In addition to the Schott Superwite glass the Atomic Venom ARC mask has an Anti-Reflective Coating which allows more light to enter the mask and reduce light reflection. This makes seeing through the mask better above and below the water. Atomic Aquatics developed ARC (Anti-Reflective Coating) Technology to Reduce Reflected Light and actually Increase the amount of Available Light Transmitted to a Diver’s Eyes. The result is a greatly Improved Transmission of 98% of Available Light, compared to a loss of more than 14% of light with standard green “float” glass used on the majority of masks on the market. Anti-Reflective Coatings or ARC” is a Multi-Layer Metal Oxide Coating Process applied to both sides of the Ultra-Clear Lenses. This allows more light to enter the mask by Reducing Light Reflections off the inside and outside surface of the lens. The Metal Oxide Coating is only a few Microns Thick. ARC will give you Clearer, Crisper Vision.


And Secondly the All New Atomic SV2 Snorkel. As many of you know diving with a snorkel can be more of a burden than a help, whether it be the way it sits on the side of your head or that when you do go to use it is just not that easy to clear. I know I noticed this the most on a dive trip while I was on holiday in Rarotonga, nearly every diver was not diving with a snorkel. The bright sparks over at Atomic have come up with what I think is an almost perfect snorkel. The Atomic SV2 Snorkel is easy to clear, low in profile and stays dryer inside.




SV stands for Scupper Valve, also known as a One-Way-Valve. Just like the One-Way-Valve in your Regulator which when you exhale drains water from your regulator the Scupper Valve works the same way. The SV2 uses an additional feature that keeps water away from your mouth a Small Tube located just below the Mouthpiece is designed to keep the Breathing Airway path Free of Water Droplets. To keep water from easily entering the top of the snorkel the SV2 incorporates a Grill Grid Opening which Deflects Water that would go down the end of a conventional snorkel tube. The Flexible Lower Tube makes the Atomic SV2 Snorkel perfect for Scuba by automatically swinging  out of the way when you are using your regulator. So if you hate the way your snorkel sits while underwater snorkel, but like the advantages during surface swims then this is the solution you are looking for.

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