Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn to SCUBA dive, do you run courses in Wellington?

We run the PADI Open Water Diver Course for people who want to learn to SCUBA dive. The course is spread over two weeks to meet most people’s working schedules.  Complete 3-4 pool sessions in the evening and one weekend at the sea to gain your SCUBA diving certification. Our standard course costs $725, with weekend courses and private options available for more flexibility with busy schedules ($POA).

What types of PADI dive courses are available through Dive HQ, and how do I enrol?

Our most popular course is our PADI Open Water Diver Course. This is the first course in your learning to dive journey! We also offer all the main PADI courses, from learning to dive to dive instructor. Enrolling is as simple as getting in touch via a phone call or email, figuring out a date and time and filling out the required paperwork!

Can Dive HQ Wellington service and repair my diving equipment? What does it cost for equipment servicing?

Yes, we can service virtually any type or brand of dive equipment! All you need to do is bring in your equipment and we can give you a price estimate on the spot. Your equipment will be serviced within ten working days buy our in-house technicians. Prices vary depending on brand and part availability. A standard regulator service will cost anywhere between $250-$350.

Does Dive HQ Wellington offer Nitrox certification courses, and what are the benefits of diving with Nitrox?

Yes, Dive HQ Wellington does offer Nitrox certifications. The main benefit of learning to dive with EANx is increased bottom time. However, enriched air also has many more benefits, such as less fatigue after multiple dives, shorter surface intervals, reduced nitrogen absorption and some extras you’ll learn about and experience on your course!

How can I get my diving tanks filled and tested at Dive HQ?

We can fill your tank on the spot while you wait, or you can leave it with us and collect it another day. We also conduct visual and hydrostatic tests on SCUBA cylinders instore.  Drop off the tank, leave your contact details, and allow about a week for your test to be done.

Are there any upcoming international dive trips organized by Dive HQ, and how can I join them?

We offer at least one international dive trip every year, as well as a plethora of domestic dive trips. Our roster of international dive trips is always changing, with memorable trips to Fiji, Niue and the Philippines. The best way to check for availability/enquire for trips is to navigate to the “Dive Trips” page of our website and press the “Enquire Now” button on the trip that most piques your interest.

Can I rent diving equipment from Dive HQ for local dive trips, and what are the rental rates?

You can indeed rent gear from us! Our rates change depending on the items, as some degrade faster than others and therefore require more rental fee.  We will charge slightly more for the first day, and then a reduced rate for every day after that. There is a $50 bond on all hireage, with that being returned to you when the items are brought back. Bring your dive certification and driver’s licence as ID.

Do you fill CO2 cylinders?

We do offer CO2 refills. All of our CO2 is food-grade and rated for anything from home-brewing kits to soda streams. However, we do not test CO2 bottles, so please ensure to have a look at the most recent test date (or date of manufacture) on your cylinder before bringing it in. It must be within 5 years to be filled.J


Do you have a dive club, and how often do you go out?

We run Dive Club Wellington, and we aim to get out three times a week, on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Thursdays are our “after work” dives during summer, and night dives during winter. We meet at 5:45pm at the dive site for those dives. On Saturdays and Sundays we aim to do two dives a day, one at 9:45am, and the next at 11:45am. If you want to come along to any of these dives, even as a non-club member, you are more than welcome. Simply give the shop a ring a few days before the dive, say what gear you need (if any!), and we’ll add you to our list.
We don’t know the dive site until the day of because of that classic unpredictable Wellington weather, so give us a call at 9:05ish on a Saturday or Sunday, or anytime during the day on a Thursday to get the site!

Can I come to your store to try equipment on?

Yes you can! We offer a wide range of wetsuits, open cell or closed, which we realize are always better to try on to check for the fit in person. We also have dive boots, socks, gloves, hoods and short suits to try on.
Some of our BCD’s lean towards the more technical side of diving, with wings and sidemount harnesses, while others are the more traditional jacket style of inflation, and all can be resized and fitted to you instore.