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The Hollis Stainless Steel Backplate is ideal for divers looking a hard wearing plate that won't have to be replaced any time soon. The Backplate has been carefully engineered to fit closer to the cylinders preventing annoying gaps and creating a tighter profile which significantly aids in reducing the overall drag on the diver.

  •     Manufactured from 316 marine grade Stainless Steel.  Stainless steel is then Electro polished to create maximum shine and ensure maximum working life
  •     Weight: 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs.
  •     Designed for maximum durability and ruggedness to be capable of working in demanding diving environments including commercial applications
  •     Hollis Backplates are recognised worldwide for their solid construction and reliable dependability
  •     Carefully engineered to fit closer to the cylinders preventing annoying gaps
  •     Closer fitting provides a tighter profile which aids in reducing overall drag
  •     All edges on the outside of the backplate are radius formed to fit the Hollis BC and thereby preventing back plate chafing of the BC
  •     All slots are radius formed to ensure that webbing will continue to function throughout the dive season without appreciable abrasion
  •     All slots, holes and edges of the backplate are fully de-burred to eliminate sharp edges that could potentially cut you and your harness system
  •     Also available in a light weight Aluminium option for the traveling diver

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